Clipboard "bug"?

I was working with a text document using a ListBox and found something strange:

the text was tab separated. I saved it into a csv file, then loaded the file onto a ListBox.
Due to some bug I do not found, the header was not populated and only one column (Column 0) was populated and the window was resized accordingly (width =50 pixels).
So, I looked at the text, then loade it into Apple’s TextEdit and read it carefully and found nothing strange, nothing that explain the behavior.
So, I copied the whole text, pasted it and… still bad result.

Then, I replaced the tabs in the first line of text who is used to populate the Header: same bug.
I removed a char or two in the first two entries, copy / paste the text and… IU get the same (unmodified text) in the ListBox.

I fired Preview, copy an image, go back to Textedit, copy the modified Text, Paste, and still get the same “old, unmodified text”.

At last, I copied one word (instead of a 10KB text), pasted it in a new window (TextEdit), checked the Clipboard contents in the Finder. Then I copy the whole “new” text and pasted it in the ListBox: same “old” text…

I shut down the computer (before sending it thru the - bathroom - window) and go to bed / watch TV.

I do not go back to the file since then. I do not believe in gremlins, but sometimes…

Did you have strange moments with Xojo ?

BTW: I had only Xojo and one other application running at that time on a 8GB RAM computer with an SSD that have around 150GB of free space… i5.
And the text is plain english (ASCII), no binary nor image…

I would expect the csv file to have only one column unless you replaced the tabs with commas before saving.

Hi Émile,

As Wayne pointed out, you stored a tab-separated text to a CSV file but CSV means Comma-Separated Values. If you don’t have a single comma in your file then the whole file is treated as a single value. As such, the whole file would appear in a single ListBox cell.

Also, if you want to inspect the true content of a set file, don’t use TextEdit. BBEdit (in its free version) is a better choice, and iHex (free) can also help you in such a case.