Client/Server App

Hi everyone,

I would like to write an application which could either be the server or the client and the users should be able to communicate with each other through the internet. The users will be on different machines and not in the same LAN.

One user will act as the server, all other users (up to 6) will act as the clients and the data is being sent from all clients to the server, the server app will do some calculations and send data back to the client apps.

Now, how could I do that with Xojo? TCPSocket or EasyTCPSocket? Any other ideas? I write code as a hobby, so I’m not a real professional. Might be the reason I haven’t got it done yet :wink:

Thanks in advance to everyone!

You’ll need a ServerSocket.
And maybe AutoDiscovery to find the others.

Have you seen the networking series of articles here? :

Thanks a lot, Christian & Oliver. I’ll give it a try and let you know if I can make it work.

Take a look at the Examples > Communication > Internet > ServerSocketClientTest (and its counterpart the ServerSocketServerTest)
The implement both ends