Client and potential intranet questions..


Hope this is the place to ask this question. If not, admins please delete or move to proper place.

So if I started doing intranet devwlopment for clients. Would I buy cloud hosting for each client I assume?

If so, is there a way to share certain features as you woukd such as with shared hoating. Like a control panel, or would I need to build that myself?

I ask because soon I will be buying a license now that I’ve played with xojo. It takes me a lot of time because I am really busy. So, I am sure I will at least get the desktop version, but I would love to do Intranet and web apps as well… Really, I would prefer doing intranet type apps or desktop only. I take it to develop cloud and desktop apps I would need to buy the pro license?

Thanks in advance. Everyone is very nice and helpful which is one thing I really value.