Clickable Rectangle

In 2011r4.3 I could make a rectangle clickable (I used them for big icon buttons), but in Xojo I cannot see how to attach an event.

Is this still possible, and can anyone please show me how if it is?


Interesting …
if I right click one rectangle on the screen I get the option to add an event handler, but another one I don’t.


I can’t see any obvious difference between them.

… and if I copy the one that works (the one I can add an event handler to) I can also add the event handler to the copy.

But not to any new ones.

It looks like (by the way they are sequentially numbered) that it’s the first one added to a

Happens to labels, too. Haven’t worked out a pattern yet.

I just tried to make one clickable and it worked… Here’s a link on how I did it.

Works for me most of the time, too.
I think someone answered in another thread I posted that I might have been trying to add an event to a container (that had been added to a web page) from the web page editor view, not the container’s.

I can’t verify that’s what i did, but since I’ve been paying attention it’s not happened again. So I reckon that might have been it.