"Click Jumping"

When I open a webpage, and I click on a button for the first time after the page is open, The pressed event does not fire. Rather the focus jump to another button. I can then scroll up and the event will fire. What is the workaround for this bug? What bug number is it so I can vote it up?

Click jump

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Looks like this one:
67914 - WebContainer control get focus in a strange manner

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Yes it looks like that’s the issue. I’m waiting for this fix too.

That container bug (67914) is, according to a conversation with Geoff, fixed and in 2021 r1.1 despite the fact is is not in the release notes. It’s frustrating that the bug is marked closed and I cannot make any comment on it as it might in fact not be fixed.

All of that aside. This bug is not in a container!

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It is fixed but not ‘verified’, that means it is not part of a public release yet.

Wonderful. So now what to do? It not in a container. Is it best to report a whole new bug? Or wait to see if the fix only fixes a container control?

It’s not fixed in 2022 R1.1

I thought it might have had something to do with the scrolling, but I couldn’t reproduce it in a sample project. If you can slim it down to a sample project it might pinpoint what the issue is when the button is not in a container.

Oh, I see. I should read the whole thread before replying :slight_smile:

Have you already tried to workaround this issue, like Timer and SetFocus or something?

What is happening here is:

  • when the page is new the first tabindex is the Money button
  • if the Money button is visible (no need to scroll) then when you click Quote the Money button just flashes and the app continues
  • if the Money button is not visible (need to scroll) then when you click Quote the page is scrolled and the Money button is selected

I don’t know why when you click a button on a page other button receives the focus first.

I also think this has been fixed already on 67914 (it will appear on 2022r2), it’s similar to the focus issue from this thread:

But if you open a Feedback case or send me a little example, I can double check it, just in case.

I would expect this to be fixed when the TabEngine is, from what I remember digging around in the framework JS and building tests.

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Yes, this looks like a TabEngine issue. There are four feedback cases for that component that will be fixed on 2022r2.


How do we get all of the good work Ricardo has done pushed as a release w/o waiting for all the other things that will be in r2?


yep the tab engine is a real mess since web 2.0 …