Class there for auto complete, but not for compiler?


tonight a Xojo developer asked me why the examples don’t build.

He installed my SQL Plugin, he can see the plugin listed as loaded and see the classes in autocomplete.
But when building, the compiler complains that there is no class with that name.

Anyone knows that issue?

Xojo 2016r2, as far as I know.

Could it be that it’s complaining about a class in one of your supporting plugins instead, one that the SQL plugin depends upon?

And autocomplete NOT being driven by the compiler means that sometimes there are things AutoComplete thinks are valid but aren’t.

For instance you might have a class that’s not possible to use in iOS and they autocomplete but wont compile.

Its a known issue and we have plans to deal with this so AutoComplete is driven by the compiler so they agree on things.

When I get the error there is no class with that name but I see the class in autocomplete it is usually a namespace problem and I need to use the Using keyword.

In Web, the name of Desktop classes autocompletes. Then of course at compile time it stops.

Well, the SQL Plugin and it’s examples do compile for me.
This is very strange. The client installs the plugin, it is shown, but the example project from me doesn’t compile.

Nothing to do with iOS or new framework.

case sensitive filing system?
2 copies of the plugin?

Does Windows have a case sensitive file system?
I told him to clear caches and restart. We’ll see.

No, windows dont care about case sensitive paths.