class for multi cash register's protocols

hi all, i need to use a cash register with my software, but each one has his own protocol, so i can’t force a customer to buy a specific cash register…

maybe there is an existing class that can handle as much cash register communication protocols as possible

That’s pretty specialized. I’m surprised that they’re all different though. When I looked into postal scales a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they all used he same protocol and that it was just the manufacturer field that differed.

POS systems usually use OPOS to interface with devices in standard way, so you will not need to care about which device it is just that it is a OPOS compatible device and what class it is, Scale, drawer, non key stroke barcode scanner, etc.

Sadly OPOS is a windows thing, a set of COM classes. A partial Java port does exist for Linux as well (I don’t know how advanced that is and how well each OPOS device support that one)

And visit
where the entire spec is downloadable as a pdf