Class design question

The following are all IDTypes…

[ { "id": "DNI", "name": "DNI", "type": "number", "min_length": 7, "max_length": 8 }, { "id": "CI", "name": "Cdula", "type": "number", "min_length": 1, "max_length": 9 }, { "id": "LC", "name": "L.C.", "type": "number", "min_length": 6, "max_length": 7 }, { "id": "LE", "name": "L.E.", "type": "number", "min_length": 6, "max_length": 7 }, { "id": "Otro", "name": "Otro", "type": "number", "min_length": 5, "max_length": 20 } ]

Can I create this list (array) of objects IdTypes in the IDE (sort of enum) ?
How do you guys deal with it ?

What I would like is when I call the constructor of a new ID I just pass Idtype as an argument, and then the ID data is validated (min/max length and ‘isnumeric’) and also ‘name’ property is automatically set.
I should do this with a select case in the constructor of the ID class or there is a smarter way to do it ?
Thanks for the input.

its like the example design pattern / Factory
but it would result in many classes.

i think i would set the propertys with a select case by a id enum value in one class
or if the idtypes are static using a method so you do not need to store this settings in propertys
select case id
case id = Otro