Clash of Clans

Was wondering… has anyone played Clash of clans yet?

I discovered this awesome mobile game the weekend and are completely hooked…

played it and got hooked. I have been able to break my addiction by coding more xojo…

Clash of Clans provides some good research on a practical level of what good mobile UI should look like… and is giving me lots of ideas on how I might proceed with writing my own iOS games in Xojo eventually… think I will have to just take another peek at it this evening for educational purposes of course…

I’ve played this a lot, but not recently. I just created a “Xojo” clan, so feel free to join if you’re hooked!

I’ve avoided it, like I avoid all free iOS games with in-app purchases. I’m very happy to pay money, but I’d rather pay one lump sum up front. I can’t stand games in which you can literally buy your way to victory, I don’t see the point.

Can you play a reasonable game of this, without buying lots of IAPs?

I’ve never paid one cent for it, but have gotten pretty far in the game (level 63). It can get annoying once you get deeper into it because it takes so long for stuff to “build” unless you want to pay $$.

Awesome, I was about to suggest there should be a Xojo clan… will join.

I guess that depends on your patience levels. Personally I don’t have that much time available so I don’t mind setting up my strategy around me only making a few moves a day… (I can live with the idea that a gold mine upgrade will take 8 hours).

Tip, if it is the first time you play the game… DO NOT USE ANY GEMS UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND THE GAME… I made the mistake of using all my gems in the first 10 minutes, and only then found out there is no “new game” option… so now I’m stuck with two builders and I’ll probably only be able to afford another in a week or so…

I’ve been holding off on Clash of Clans for a year or two. You’re making me consider it.

Interesting, might give it a go myself. You know, with all the free time I have. sobs

who has time to play games ?

:slight_smile: How old is your boy now… almost 2 months? Been there 3 months ago with our baby boy…

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and make some time for fun :wink:

Yep, well remembered, he’s almost two months old now. He’s easy to handle compared to his two older sisters. Still, like most kids they’re both excellent on mobile devices, so when times are tough the eldest daughter gets my iPad mini shoved into her hands and the youngest gets my battered iPhone 5 :slight_smile:

Dude, I honestly can’t imagine how it must be to manage 3 kids… we’ve got our hands full with only one. Free time has never before been so precious.

I have a little office at home and my ears are normally stuffed with my in-ear earphones, listening to white noise or rain noise from YouTube. Seriously, it’s the only way I get any work done. When my wife gets too exhausted or stressed, I take over for a while. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a single parent, they have my full respect.

Still, some day we’ll look back and be glad we became parents, right? :wink: In the mean time, there’s a bottle of red wine waiting for my wife and I this evening!

Single parents, and parents with twins or triplets, also have my full respect.

Enjoy the wine… sounds like you definitely deserve it :wink:

I realize this is horribly off-topic now but…

Alwyn, I thought you might like a very quick insight into taking 3 kids to the park (this meltdown happened a few hours ago):

Hectic… one is enough for now thanks.

Ha… I’ve got 5. Your puny clans don’t stand a chance!

*attempt to pull things back on topic :smiley:

I saw last night I can only join a clan once my Clan Castle is repaired. Currently all my resources needs to go into building a defense (since I spent all my gems early in the game and my shield is about to expire).

Once I have a decent defense I’ll repair my castle and join the Xojo clan.