CKEditor 5

Hi all,

I’m in the midst of updating the html editor that we use from CKEditor4 (discontinued from June '23) to CKEditor 5. Is anyone else working on this?

What does GraffitiSuite use in their latest editor release?

Graffiti uses SunEditor


Not exactly sure what CKEditor is but you can try my open source SyntaxArea code editor which can handle HTML if that helps: GitHub - gkjpettet/SyntaxArea: A 100% native Canvas-based code editor for Xojo.


Does it allow the user to insert an image of their choice into the doc, or a URL-based link?

Not an image but a clickable url link should be implementable…

using summernote or quill you can insert pictures in the controlitem (it is an htmlviewer after all)
the picture is encoded inside the html by the javascript library itself

Yes, I already do that. In fact I insert a URL for the image rather than the image itself.

Your new Syntax control Garry is fantastic!

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Indeed Philippe!!! Indeed