Civilization Revolution 2

Speaking of games, Civilization Revolution 2 is coming out this week for iOS (sorry green robot people). I hope it doesn’t suck. I don’t hold out much hope. I absolutely love the Civilization games but nothing beats the original Civilization 1 (I still play it once or twice a year on DosBox (using Boxer) on my Mac). Civ II and Civ III were great too. I know a lot of people loved Civ IV but it was the end of the series for me, too much stuff thrown in, I didn’t feel in control of my Civ anymore. And Civ V… well, let’s just leave it there.

Still, they’ll get my money for Civ Rev 2, like they’ve got my money for every other Civ game. And I’ll play it and try to love it and then complain bitterly that it’s not as good as the old ones.

I loved CIV 1 back in the day, as well the original Colonization, which I still fire up about once a year.

There are some very good 4X games on iOS, most in the tradition of MOO.

These four seem to be the best / most popular:

Ascendancy, Alien Tribe 2, Star Traders 4X and Starbase Orion.


I couldn’t get into remake of Colonization. The music from the original still haunts me :slight_smile:

Age of Empires II is the game that usually occupies most of my summer holidays once a year.

Will be interesting to see how they adapted it for touch mobile devices.

Sorry, no robots people. :slight_smile:

I miss the older Civ games; however, been playing World of Warcraft since the year it came out… and that game pretty much takes up any of my available free time. That, or the occasional Diablo 3 grind while online w/ my father and brothers. All of us are 35+ years old, and get together online to fight demons on occasion. Yeah… we’ll leave it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love Civ games, but any of my free time is spent on Diablo 3 grinding.

Civ Rev could well eat a weekend if I happen to have it on my iPad and nothing better to do, but Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to eat rather more time when that comes out at the end of the year.

I spent way too much time in college playing this on my Atari ST!

I assume it was the same as the Amiga version, in that you spent half the game swapping floppy disks! Each turn requires 3 or 4 swaps, IIRC. Such a great game though.

I had a hard drive (100MB) back then and I was able to load the game onto that, so no disk swaps!

Oh, very posh! Bah, you Atari people! :stuck_out_tongue:

My son has gifted me with a Civ V: Brave New World addition for my birthday. It adds a lot of trade and influence possibilities that Civ V was missing. Only drawback: It eats up much more time. Which frankly is too rare theses days …

I’ve always been a big civ fan. My dad introduced Civilisation 2 to me as a kid, and I loved it. Especially the interesting scenarios that came bundled with it. I remember being able to play as dinosaurs, astronauts colonising Mars, some kind of offworld experience where you could play as aliens, a fantasy setting and one where you could either defend Earth from an alien invasion or play as the invading aliens. There were more too that weren’t my favourites and didn’t get played as often.

Civ 2 was really amazing. Now I play Civ 5. I’ve only ever played Civ 2 and Civ 5, so I’ve no idea what the others are like.

Has anyone here tried Freeciv? It reminds me most of my Civ 2 days except it being multiplayer if wanted. What do you think about it if you have played it?

I’ve played it and hated it. Interface is absolutely awful, the game is unbalanced and pulled multiple directions. It’s a good example of bad open source.

Why not play Civ 1,2 or 3 in a virtual machine?

I like Civ 5 personally more than the rest. But I didn’t spend a lot of time on the originals as much as most of you probably have.