Chromium support of Cam and Mic

How to access Webcam and Microphone in HTMLViewer (Chromium) on Windows Desktop App? Are there registry settings to set or needs CEF any policy.json?

is this even possible within XOJO? Does XOJO fire “enable-media-stream” against embedded Chromium? Or where can I do this?


lol I am not alone :wink:
and sigh… Xojo missed to link CEF properly… @Christian Schmitz ? Do you have a MBS solution?

Well, I’d love to help, but not sure how.

You can run JavaScript via MBS Xojo Win Plugin, see ChromiumBrowserMBS.ExecuteJavaScript if that helps.
But looks in CEF headers, I don’t see microphone or camera mentioned.

Not sure if there is some configuration setting to enable it.

mmm ok is it something chomium can’t do in general?
No wait… this can’t be… the Stand-alone Chromium does this properly. It must have to do something how CEF is linked against Xojo.