Chrome Pre-fill spilling into page from dialog. API2

If Google Chrome attempts to prefill the information on a webdialog, the prefill spills over on to the underlying web page. (Note the value on the left side on the webpage is changing) Obvious issue for inadvertent data fill. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

prefill spill

Is the AllowAutoComplete option set to False on those fields?

Hey Ricardo, thanks for your quick response.

The auto complete is allowed. When the user is filling out the page when the dialogue is not open, I would like to allow auto fill to work.


I think disabling that option when the modal is Shown and the re-enabling it when it has been Dismissed should do it.

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By curiosity, I wonder if Chrome exhibits the same behaviour on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Same question for Edge ?

Those fields on the main page don’t happen to have the same name as the one on the dialog, so they?

@Greg_O No they are not.