Christmas Weather

I wonder if anyone is having traditional Christmas weather? Who has snow or is expecting it. I live in the UK (Midlands, Robin Hood County) and it is dreadful. Rain and very windy.

ugh ….
you can have my snow
95 cm so far and we haven’t even hit our big snowfall months

We are having EXACTLY the same weather here as we have had EVERY Christmas Holiday season for as long as I can remember!

Sunny and 80degrees!

San Diego, California United States … :slight_smile:

You are lucky Dave, it is way colder north of you
It has been 72-75 degrees here near Santa Barbara… Brrrrrrrr!!!

We’ve had almost 2 feet of snow so far this season. Christmas Day has an expected high of 19 degrees F (-7 C). A bit snowier and colder here than usual.

We received over 40cm in the last week. Not counting the freezing rain that came together with the last snowfall.
I don’t envy Norman’s 95! About -7 C all the while. It should drop to -23 C by tomorrow evening.

Montreal, Quebec

About the same as always.

San Antonio Texas is usually mild and this year it’s supposed to be a little cooler. 60’s as a high.

It just started snowing about an hour ago. We’ve probably got a 1/2 inch so far. I doubt we get much.

23°C, cloudy & humid. Traditional for us.

Given the weather we’ve had lately
Note Dec 4 - 10 or so esp Dec 7 with a brisk overnight low of -39C (at -40 its the same F and C)

Its now a balmy -1C :slight_smile:
Suntan weather !

We went from 30º yesterday to 23º today.
Not really summer weather!!

With what we refer to as a chinook I have seen it go from -5C to +20C in one day
Add in all the melting snow and you should see the mess :stuck_out_tongue:

Sunny and 75F, unfortunately.

Lest anyone think “OMG Canada IS the great white north” the amount of snow we’ve had this winter is exceptional - the most on record in 112 years.
Its been a VERY odd winter so far.
Came early - huge dump real yearly (which is unusual) and a couple more big dumps to follow and it has been quite cold from the outset.

So much for “global warming” :slight_smile:

Looking forward to Vegas in March as that should feel downright tropical if this keeps up

Ahhh… Hence Great White Software… I always wondered about your affinity for sharks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Another reason to love south Texas (unless it’s may, june, july, august, september or october) :slight_smile:


Kauai - rain, sun, rain, sun … 80 during the day, 70 at night. Yawn.

Norman, grab a shovel and get some of that snow over here! I have absolutely none. There should be at least a little on Xmas but what can I do(except travel up north) :slight_smile:

It’s about 10 degrees too warm compared to normal here in Germany. 10 degrees Celcius by day, no frost at night. And no snow flake seen this year, yet.

As a gardener I don’t like this warm weather. 2 years ago we had this very warm January and then a totally cold February. This killed plants that never before had any trouble with the cold. The cactuses got sunburn.

I do not want to spoil anybodies Christmas but here in Gaborone (Botswana) we have 34°C very much sun. I wish you all could give me your snow and I happily exchange that for our sunshine and temperature.

In fact I also live in Belgium some periods of the year where it is now a lot colder, rain and storm and about 6°C according to my family at home in Dessel, Belgium.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and want to thank you for making this a very friendly and helpfull community. I received a lot of help from many people here, which I appreciate very much. Enjoy yourselves together with your family and friends very much!

Friendly greetings,