ChrB(3) (CTRL-C) being ignored when sent to an interactive shell (Mode = 2)

Hi Folks,

When running a long task (minutes to hours) in a Windows app in a Shell, sending a ChrB(3) to the shell does not result in the background task receiving the SIGINT (CTRL-C). If I run the exact same command in a CMD.EXE or PowerShell, the SIGINT is recognized by the task.

Are there any magic settings that I need to pass to the Shell to enable signal handling?

Known issue, and one I raised a few months ago, if I remember correctly. I don’t have time to look for the conversation now, but I posted a workaround, iirc.

Found it -

Send CTRL-C to a Windows Shell

In an attempt to get this noticed by Xojo engineering, I’ve created a feedback report: