Choose a Color, the documentation, etc

I remember I already had trouble with that, but forget the answer.

So I checked in the new documentation
Selecting a color with the Color Picker.

Doh… the documentation talked about Cancel, OK, etc. but I do not found any of these in Xojo 2022r2.

I do not found ColorPicker in the documentation.

BUT, I found the Color Picker after running 2022r2 (to check my 2021r2.1 project) OPEN:

I created this project because I had a bit of time before going back home and as a way to use API2 with my m1 MacBook Pro (because I cannot use my licensed Xojo version on it).

But I have no fun to do that… all I get are thorns on a rosebush, but it no longer has flowers…

Fortunately, on the way back, there are several rose bushes which have flowers (pink, white, yellow,…) a feast for the eyes. (unrelated to Xojo).

Xojo 2021r2.1: no help is available…
The screen shot is a contextual menu on ColorPicker1.

When I type ColorPicker in the Language Reference, Color is cleared and I get Picker alone (or if I type fast enough, I get ColorPicker, but not help).