Choice to make about finishing school

I’m not young, actually 50 now :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a chance to finish my MBA in MIS
Left so long ago (school) but I can finish my MBA in 14 months

Kind of a life checklist and do not expect any financial gain but , well darn it

Anyone else here going back to school at an older age?


My wife is 50, dentist. She loves pets. She wanted to attend an specialization to take care of pet teeth, seems logical huh? But she learned that she can’t. It’s only allowed to vets. So she is really thinking on returning to the university and investing more 5 years of her life on it… You are far from alone in such kind of journey. When my nephew was getting his lawyer diploma, there was a Japanese senior on his class that was given a standing ovation upon receiving his, he was around 80.

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Do it for personal satisfaction and goal accomplishment. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.


Brian, I started working on a master’s in technical communication at 52 and finished it at 56. I did not need it for my career, but I had always wanted to pursue an advanced degree. When the opportunity presented itself, I took it. I never regretted it. In fact, I almost continued on for my PhD. If you want it for yourself, do it.


I completed a (second) masters degree in computer science in my late 40s. It was tough going, but most satisfying. It had no influence on my career, but I learned a lot of stuff about the latest software and hardware technologies.


I’m another whose level of education never impeded my career(s), or choice of jobs.

Though I never finished high-school, I taught myself software development in my mid-thirties and enjoyed a long and prosperous career as a full-stack developer on the Microsoft platform.

I am by no means anti-education. I truly envy and admire those of you who have had the foresight and opportunity to grow their academic knowledge. Especially when their field of study is something they are passionate about.

It’s only now at age 59 that I realize my mistake in not properly completely my education. That realization is reflected in how poorly prepared I am for retirement. After raising four children to adulthood and scrambling to keep my imposter-syndrome at bay for as long as possible - I never (or rarely) thought ahead.

If you have the chance or inclination, at any age, invest in furthering your education. All the power to you!