CHIP works great with Xojo Web

Received my CHIPs about a week ago and finally managed to do some experimentation on a headless chip. I happened to have some LED around and thought it would be nice to run get it to wirelessly turn on and off the LED.

Just a simple web interface

Here’s the Youtube video on the experiment.

The CHIP is not connected to the mac but just powered by an external power bank (battery). Everything is done through a Xojo Web app running on the CHIP and toggling the segment control, I was able to turn on and off the LED on the CHIP.

If you want to read more about how I access the GPIO port on the CHIP, you can read my blog on

Thats excellent!, … only the link above to where you access the GPIO port on CHIP is broken.

Strange that the post disappeared. Any case, I’ve put the page back.