Chilkat Cross Platform

Does anyone know if the Chilkat Xojo plugin is cross platform? Any known issues when you compile for windows/Mac/Linux?


I used it to make an ssh tunneling app for Windows and Mac using Purebasic. Probably with Xojo, once you compile your app it will create the files needed for each OS.

Thanks Johnny… Want to grab it, but want to make sure before dropping the $298 lol

It should compile for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and ARM

I have used it for a custom SFTP app and it works on Windows and OS X. I recall there was one issue with compiling for 64 bit Windows so I used 32 bit and it worked fine. This was a couple of Xojo versions ago and the Chilkat support was good but we never determined if it was a Xojo issue or the library issue. Since it worked as a 32 bit app I did not spend the extra time to debug the 64 bit problem. I have not revisited it to see if it works with Xojo 3.0 and 64 bits.

Thanks guys… I purchased it… but I guess they must have to manually send you the unlock code or something…