Child Window.close and array of window pointers in parent - Mac

If I create an array of window objects. Then I close one out, I used to have to remove it. Now window().close removes it. Is this now normal behavior?

CDsw() dim as Window//earlier

CDsw(i).close//currently removes i Cdsw.remove I //Used need this
Edit: This array is attached to another window. The pointer array is also modified by the CDsw.close

That is very abnormal behavior. How would the window close know anything about your array?

Or are you saying, you have an array in the other window and you’re setting your CDsw array to it (pointing to the other array). If you then modify that other array in window.close, then yes, you would see those changes reflected in CDsw, since they are in fact the same array. That is normal behavior that has not changed in a long time.

On a mobile phone. Forgot to add the Window opens a secondary window and a pointer to the window is added to the array of windows CDsw.
This seems now to happen anytime I open this secondary window whether or not there is an array. Just a pointer is Nulled on close, which screws everything up

Ah. Pointer nulled is different than value removed from array. That may be an iOS thing. It shouldn’t happen on desktop.

Not ios but it is Mac high Sierra.
If this is a bug, let me know how to file it

Can you reproduce it in a small sample project?

Should be able probably tomorrow afternoon b

Finally made my sample window and it works with all of my basic code to make child windows and an array of pointers in the parent window.
Suggestions on how to debug my code?

Edit: It works again Not sure what I did but uncomment lines I had commented out.