Checking viewport width and height incorrectly?

I’m running 1900x1080 on my laptop
Using my screen capture program, the viewport measures 1920x974 - all reasonable so far

But when I load a page and poll self.width and self.height in the Shown event, it tells me it’s 1280x649
And indeed if I alter the page or (any control’s) .width to be anything larger than 1280, it does indeed go off then to the right.

How do I get xojo to know about the actual resolution of my browser?

Would not 1280 x 649 be the design size of the WebPage ? Try to get the size in the Resized event instead.

@Michel Bujardet That’s a good point. I get the same value on resized though.

I see on that my viewport is also reporting as 1280x649.

Haha, finally figured out the discrepancy: I have windows scaling set to 150%. 1280*150% = 1920.