Checking period where license is valid


I’ve lost the e-mail when I bought the MBS plugin last time (odd, as I usually keep everything). As I don’t always update each time a new version is allowed, I’m not sure at which point my license has ended.
Since there are no account on the MBS site, I’m wondering… How is one supposed to find out the license validity period (in general, not by asking each time)?
And when did my license expire?

I think you’ll probably need to ask Christian. The info is carried with DynaPDF MBS I think, but not available to customers for the Complete set.

Plugins Pro has stuff for license tracking (built with help from the plugin authors it’s all legit). It can’t help you right now, but you may find it useful for the future! It’s also free!

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The validity is right in the license key as month and year.

I sent you an email with your license and a second one with a link to renew.

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Oh yes, this integer which happens to start with “2021” is meant for that; I didn’t looked there.
I’ve looked thru all my disks and emails, which took me maybe 30 minutes, while the solution was right in code :sweat_smile:

Thank you, both.