Checked menu status in ToolBar ToolStyleDropDown button?

How is possible to change checked menu status in ToolBar button menus?
I can check or uncheck it in DropDownMenuAction event with hitItem.Checked, but how I can remove or set checked status from those menuitems that not invoked with DropDownMenuAction? So elementary wish, but no examples found. :frowning:
With BevelButton menus it’s easy - there is property MenuValue. Why it impossible with ToolBar menubuttons?

Dim button As ToolButton = ToolButton(Window1.Toolbar1.Item(0)) button.DropDownMenu.Item(0).Checked = True

I must eat more sandwiches to become smarter.
Xojo is somehow strange thing. I love it, but I hate it also as it takes sometime so long time and strange way to reach obvious results.
If you write it so, it seems elementary. Not the easiest way for my opinion, but easiest possible way anyway as we must pay fee for crossplatform possibilities. :slight_smile:
Thanks one more time.