Checkbox Size in Listbox

I am creating a desktop application that is designed to be viewed from across the room, therefore the text is rather large. Some of the information being displayed is in a listbox and one of the columns I would like to be a checkbox. When I set the appropriate ColumnType for the checkbox it works just fine, however the checkbox is tiny (i.e. it does not seem to take on the value of TextSize for the Listbox). Is there anyway for me to make the checkbox large like the text I am displaying in the textbox? Thanks for your assistance.

redraw a checkbox using cellbackgroundpaint event of the listbox, you have a graphic object you can draw what you want.
mimic the clic on the checkbox using the mousedown event of the listbox

Are you suggesting that there is no way to do it with the builtin checkbox column type?

Indeed. You can’t even align a checkbox column if you wanted to.

If your app is only to be viewed, drawing your own indicator (as Jean-Yves suggested) would work.


My next thought was to put a Unicode checkmark in the appropriate column.

I tried setting a cell to Encodings.UTF8.Chr(&H2714) but that is not displaying anything. Should this work or do I have to go the graphic route?

Okay… I got it to work with Encodings.UTF8.Chr(&H2714)

Hopefully this will help someone out in the future. Thanks for your replies TIm and Jean-Yves.