Checkbox Select

Hai to all, I have two list boxes One list contains the checkbox and name, How to select the checked value to another list Here I mention a list box as Datalist, pls help

List box 1 Adding data:
DataList.ColumnType(0)=DataList.type checkbox

Second list box :

DataList.CellCheck(i,0) = True
DataList.CellState(i, 0) = Checkbox.CheckedStates.Indeterminate
DataList.visible = False
Datalist1.Visible = true
Datalist1.Cell(-1, -1) = DataList.Cell(-1, -1)

using for loop

Pls, check the screenshot, If I check the exact checkbox from list box 1, how to retrieve the selected checkbox in list box 2. Please help me Now Currently displaying all the values in Listbox 2.

You loop through the lines of the listbox and check the value of cellcheck(row, 0).