Checkbox not visible with Ubuntu17.10 and Xojo2017R3


Using Ubuntu 17.10 (64 bits) with ‘Ambiance’ as applications theme (default system theme) and Xojo2017R3.

I don’t know why checkbox are not visible in listbox, however I have not this issue with Xojo 2016R3.

App with Xojo2016R3 :

App with Xojo2017R3 :

I’ve tried to change colors in listbox, it doesn’t change anything.
I’v tried to change Ubuntu applications themes, It doesn’t change anything.

You can also notice that texts in listbox header are grey one grey, they are almost impossible to read.

(At the same time, changing Textfields/textareas backdrop color dont’ work)

Any ideas to solve this issue ?


Make sure you file bug reports about these things.

Ok Greg, it’s done…