Check this item for errors not working?

When ever I use the “Check this item for errors” button, errors will not display. However, when I run the app, then errors do display.

For example, I have TextField1 & TextField2 in my code:

  Dim DlgMsg As String
  DlgMsg = NotFound.Text + TextField2.Text //Renamed TextField1 to NotFound on purpose in code.

When I click the said button, the IDE does not detect that “NotFound” is not a valid TextField, but when I run it, the IDE spits out the “Item does not exist” error, which the IDE should have found with “Check this item for errors”.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I have found that WHEN it works… it analyzes only what ever method is active in the IDE … even if you tell it to analyze the whole project. SOMETIMES it does work… but 95% of the time it does nothing…

Same with me, except it doesn’t work 100% of the time.

Would be nice if the IDE changed the “build” button’s function to do just that and add a “publish app” button to replace the current function of the “build” button.