Check Network Interface for IPv6 Adress

Hello @All,

i now stand before a little Problem.

I’m Currently writing a VPN Helper App which will Run on Windows and MAC.

Now the Helper App shoud check if the PC/MAC on which it’s running on has an IPv6 Adress or not.

I Need it to Connect the OpenVPn Tunnel via IPv6, my App should Check for IPv6 and if no IPv6-Adress exists it should create a connection for a IPv6-Tunnel ( via “aiccu”-app, (Or in Case off IPv6 Existing just connect the VPN-Tunnel)
and then Connect the VPN-Tunnel. I found a method to check for IPv6 on MAC but not on Windows.

Anyone an Idea how to accomplish my Goal.

Thanks for your Answers in advance.

Best Regards,

Ren Landscheidt