Check if a new Wordpress Post has been made

I would like to make a “New Post” badge visible when I create a new Post on my Wordpress website. How can I let Xojo check this?

You can communicate with Wordpress using its rest api and the URLConnection class of Xojo:

Check the REST API reference of Wordpress for the Posts endpoint:


One thing I did was creating a Xojo Webapp as a webservice. The I created a Wordpress plugin which sends data to the webservice on each update of posts (and other custom post types as well). The webservice is validating the information received and writes it to a database, from where it is retrieved by Xojo desktop and mobile apps.

But you can also directly access the Wordpress database from a Xojo app, by using the REST API of Wordpress.

If you don’t wish to write php code yourself, you can use database plugins in Wordpress, like Formidableforms Pro, which also can send or receive data over a REST API.

Otherwise you can write a extended spec about what your wordpress plugin should be able to do and ask ChatGPT to write the code for you, as a starting point.

Thanks. Yes, I use Bard and Bing constantly, it’s open on my other monitor while working in Xojo. I can figure the general things out on a slower pace or at ones in those smart little helpers. It should be build into Xojo.