Check for Heartbleed

I use several application that were built using Xojo from various developers. Is there an easy way to tell if any of them are affected? I just want to make sure that they are not affected.

use latest Xojo and plugins and you should be save.

Of course you need plugin providers who care about it.
MBS Plugins 14.3 betas have already OpenSSL 1.0.1i built in.

So Charles do you know if those apps use SSL? Use a server socket?
Are they built before the Heartbleed bug was found?

Than they may be affected.

I don’t know. Is there an application that can scan to see if they use OpenSSL and what version it is?

I currently use MBS Plugins version 10.5 for my projects. Are they affected?

10.5 probably has an ancient version of openSSL.
Do you use CURLSMBS class there?
That may be affected.

getting newer plugins helps avoid bugs in older versions.

It’s hard when you can’t afford to upgrade.

Is there a way to scan an application to see if it is using OpenSSL and if so, what version so I know it’s not affected?