Check Box on the ListBox Header

I want to have a checkbox on the ListBox Header to select all the items in the ListBox.
I do not see a method to add any controls in the ListBox Header.
Should I consider to use third party AddOns?

If so are there any free AddOns that can be used?

If you’re on macOS you could use SFSymbol (checkmark.square & square) in combination with the ListBox.HeaderContentPaint-Event.

Nice idea. I am looking for universal desktop app, so that solution is not good enough.

I could try to draw it myself though.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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there are a lot of unicode characters that look like a checkbox you can use.

I use these:
☐ Unchecked
:ballot_box_with_check: Checked
β˜’ Crossed

The forums keeps changing the Checked character to an emoji, even though it shows up properly in its own preview!

In ARGen, I just placed a checkbox slightly above the column.

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Lovely idea. Thanks for sharing.

I can put an actual checkbox on the listbox header, but only for the macOS :frowning:

How did you achieve it for macOS, @Sam_Rowlands ?