Cheap tickets to shows

IF you feel inclined to go to a shot definitely check out Tix4Tonight
There’s an outlet right across from the Monte Carlo in the Hawaiian Place market.
They can get you cheap tickets on just about anything - really - even for that same day.
We found this out the hard way AFTER buying tickets at the door to go see Ka - Tix4Tonight would have saved us about 50%

I am getting discounted ($40 off) coupons for Blue Man Group. We did not have enough interest to do the group tickets, but this discount is similar. More information coming to attendees over the next week.

Excellent Dana as my wife and I would like to see Blue Man Group :slight_smile:

Saw them at the National Theatre in London. One of the best nights out ever. Great show: very envious… they haven’t been back since! :frowning: