ChatGPT & Xojo information

I am a part time developer, and have tried ChatGPT to get a start on coding complex methods/functions that I am unfamiliar with… with mixed results.
Sometimes the results are spot on, but lately it’s yielded very poor, unusable and outdated code.
ChatGPT has said that its cutoff date of Xojo information was sometime in 2021.
So my question is… why is that? Does Xojo have control over that, or is limiting some way?
Not complaining, I would just love to see their info updated, as I initially found it as a great learning tool.

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It’s because that’s all the info they ChatGPT has injected so far. Not just Xojo, with everything.

When talking about Xojo to ChatGPT, I always use “Xojo (Formerly RealBasic)”

Also it can be useful to use the code interpreter, and upload a slightly stripped down version of the current docs (as a zip) and ask it to find the correct information from there.

ChatGPT and similar use input to “learn”. That input is what they find on the web.

Unfurtunatelly, xojo resources are not only tiny, they are disapearing with a lot of blogs and sites now closed.

On top of that, the questionable Api2… mostly renamed keywords, almost imposible to an AI to guess what is deprecated and what not.

It can be manually trained with lots of valid data, but that is a lot of work

You don’t have to manually train if you use the code interpreter and upload help files and ask it to adjust code to the API 2 commands in the help files uploaded

@Daniel_Mullins, that worked much better. Thanks!
It is unfortunate though, that I have to upload the docs every time (new chat).

Glad that helped, I have looked at Training, and like Ivan said, it’s a lot of work to prepare the right data, as you are not just uploading help files, but essentially good pre-trained samples, which while doable, would take time, and cost a bit if you used gpt4 to help generate and train the dataset before starting the training (I don’t want to process the hundreds to thousands of samples manually).

there are out there some local implementations of gpt
you can train it the way you want, and it is stored for you once and for all.
I did not try it myself, it seems not that simple but you could give it a try.
this guy has a lot of tutorials about it

I have been experimenting extensively with ChatGPT. To get it to be better at producing quality Xojo code requires a pre-prompt. I’ve been slowing building one with the hope that eventually we make build into the iDE some kind of access to a LLM that is tuned for helping users learn Xojo and write code. More experimentation will be required before I can make a determination as to whether or not it can be sufficiently tune to produce the level of quality we would require.

ChatGPT and others periodically retrain their systems but that’s very expensive so they don’t do it often.


That’s what the system prompt is for. Use the API to access ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.

System: You are Xojo Coder bot, an AI designed to create fully functional Xojo API 2.0 code. Xojo is formerly RealBasic.

User: Create a Xojo function to calculate pi


fashion is a waste of time…

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Well, the first thing I’m trying to do is just get a good pre-prompt written! I’ve got about 15 or so rules for it now.

As mentioned elsewhere, I’ve had much better Xojo results from Claude than from ChatGPT, but apparently Claude is not available worldwide at present.

ChatGPT is a cool technology, but it some ways, it reminds me of one of those automated voice answering systems, that tells you that it can intelligently answer all of your questions!! However, after it has failed to help you (time and again), one starts to search for a phone number where one can actually talk to a real human! :rofl:

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AI will keep expanding and will be more reachable by those it is not now.
Many think it is the coolest thing until they will be replaced by companies that state “why do we need you?, we can have AI do what you do now” then they will be up in arms

Cool technology?, for sure it is
I just hope we use it for humanities benefit but It has already took a turn for money