ChartView pie chart crash on Mac

Hi. I have the ChartView by Jeremy Leroy in my application. I just discovered the app quits unexpectedly when the pie chart is called to run. On the same screen, I have two bar charts and two pie charts. The bar charts load properly. After commenting out various parts of the ChartView code, I’ve identified the error occurs in the following line:

DomainDistChartView.LoadFromCSV(Join(Data, EndOfLine))

I checked the data loaded into the listbox, and it is accurate. Does anyone know how to fix this?

This happens only on Mac. Windows seems to perform well. Running Xojo 2017 r2. Prior to this crash, I was running 2016 r4, and there was no problem.

A crash report is generated, but I cannot decipher it to see if it tells me anything to correct this

Update. I also had the StartAnimation set to True. When I commented this part out, it seems to now load appropriately

@JrmieLeroy are you aware of this acting this way on Mac with 2017 r2?