ChartPart legend keeps disappearing

I have been setting up some simple graphs using ChartPart (marked version 5.2 in the ChartPart version constant) - which is a subclass of the Canvas control.

I am finding that everything is functioning well except that when I make any change to the Xojo project, the legend on the graph no longer shows. This happens in both Xojo 2013 r3.3 and Xojo 2016 r4.1.

I fix this by deleting the control and placing it back.

I have tried changing the control to Canvas and then back to ChartPart but it doesn’t work. The only thing that seems to work is deleting the control and replacing it.

For example, I replaced the canvas subclass and saved the project. The legend appeared correctly. Any change in the project causes it to disappear again.

The change does not have to be directly involving the ChartPart control. I can make a change in a completely different area of the project (another method in another window, or basically anything else, and that legend is gone again).

I have never seen this behavior anywhere else in Xojo, and not being a Xojo expert, I can’t imagine what can cause a change like this.

It’s not a terrible inconvenience. I just have to remember to replace the ChartPart control the very last thing I do before saving the project, but it would be nice to not have to be bothered by this.

Does anybody know what kind of things can cause a change in behavior like this?

perhaps contacting the author might be a consideration

I will give it a try. I wasn’t sure that was still possible.

It’s an interesting issue.
It may not be specific to this addon, it could be a Xojo bug.