Chart line weight

Must be missing this (I’m struggling with everything this week).
I can’t see how to set the line weight of the data set in the Chart tool.
Must be able to do this right?

Not necessarily, every new release adds some features to the Chart.
If the feature that you want is not there, you can ask for it in Issues.
I can’t find information on the docs about line weight, I can’t find an Issue with this request.

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If you create a case in issues, I would be happy to sign on to it to help with priority.

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Well upon more testing it seems that I may not be able to use the Xojo built-in charting tool after all.
I need to be able to set multiple sets of line data with different “X” values. I’m just not seeing how to do that. The data is an array of doubles representing Y.
Unless, again, I’m missing something…

Hmmm… different X values? Maybe if you provide some picture about what you need it would help us to figure out :slight_smile:

Once again, if something is missing in Charts… Issues is just a step ahead :wink: