Chart does not fill width?

This is a DestopChart with line mode and LinearDataset (1 in this case) but it will not fill the width of the entire chart control?

@Javier_Menendez can you tell me if this is a bug or not ?

The desktop chart in bar mode with LinearDataset(s) set to bar chartType will fill the width:

Issue #73774 - DesktopChart : Charts in Line mode show a large blank area to the right.


thanks that is the one.

I have another problem that could be related to this one. If anyone has the same opinion, please give the report a thumbs up. Thank you.

BTW: May I ask at this point why an error report is considered a solution?

I guess is a solution to the question if this is a bug or not. Of course the final solution will be when the bug is fixed and pointing to the bug will make it easier for people to find if it is really fixed or not on a future release.

In short not a solution ‘per se’ but a way to see if the Issue is, or will be, resolved.

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