changing the size of controls

I am working with a touch screen and would like the updown buttons to be larger, however, when I resize them, the area which they appear to occupy seems to be larger (ie the “handles”) but the actual buttons themselves are still too small to touch.

Is it possible to make them bigger?

Ideally, I’d like to make them horizontal as well. Do I need to make my own control?

I only downloaded this last night and am on a bit of a learning curve, but so far this looks very cool. Thanks

on what platform ?

I’m doing this in OSX, but it appears as though it’s on OSX and Windows. I am taking the project file and trying it in a windows installation as well and the buttons are coming out the same size

I did find that for a button if I changed the default button to Bevel and some others then the button appears to the full extent of the handles, But this isn’t the case for the up/down control

Welcome Da,

I don’t know about the up-down control (I’ve never used that one), but many of the Xojo controls can be resized. Where you may run into issues is the fact that because many of the controls in Xojo are using native components for the given platform, i.e., macOS or Windows, there will be some limitations if the native control does not support what you’re trying to do.

Making a larger custom control that you can press more easily might be a solution.

Making your own custom controls usually involves subclassing other controls like the Canvas (a popular one to use), or just using the Canvas Paint event directly by utilizing the Graphics class. Once you’ve drawn your custom control, you can then use the MouseDown or similar Event to trigger actions.

Here’s an article to help you get started Canvas: How to Create Custom UI Controls

Although this example is a Xojo iOS app, it is using a Canvas to “paint” the slider controls, I love how it turned out. Of course this kind of thing can be also be done using Canvas for Xojo Desktop, but maybe you don’t anything quite so fancy :wink:

I hope that helps to get you started.

Regular macOS buttons cannot be vertically resized.

Use the BevelButtons instead, if you need for instance 40 px high buttons.