Changing the number of images with ImageCount

I am not able to do that:

MyPict.ImageCount = MyPict.ImageCount + 1

The idea is to add an image in the Picture (as said in LR / View in some files from the Internet / My hard disk).
The next line will add an image at MyPict.IndexedImage(MyPict.ImageCount)

and that will not works wihin Xojo.

Idea(s) ?

The way I understand it is you can read from a multi-image picture by using picture.IndexedImage but not write into the array. (Which makes me wonder why ImageCount is writeable.)

I would rather take an array of pictures. Or use MBS Picture Plugin to write multi-image Tiffs.

Same conclusion here.

Thank you Ulrich.

I washoping a wrong understanding from my reading.

Someone read this post and changed the LR.

Edit: The LR entry for Picture.ImageCount says:

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Check the creation day of this Conversation.

I can notice that I do not changed my mind in 7 months… just my code; I used in my project:

MyPict.ImageCount = 2

Of course, ignoring (clearing) the problem… resolve the trouble. Another solution is to ignore the question (very popular nowadays). The last one is below: buy an add-on.

Pay, pay, pay. Each time something have to be done, one have to open his wallet… You want PopOver ? Buy an Add On… You want a better Listbox ? Buy and Add On… BTW: you have a problem ? Buy a ticket… And do not cry: a solution exists.
All your want is a new feature ? Use Feedback to ask it.

When will we have to pay to access to this forum ?

Back to the subject:

I copy the image (from here: and create (cmd-n) in Mac OS Preview. Then cmd-i and watch the i tab: there are two times the same image: one as PNG, the second as TIFF. (I am able to do that in the Clpboard, but I cannot save that to disk).

All I want to do is to store multiple images in a single file.

In short: we have the right to open an indexed image from a multiple images in a file, but the development platform does not allows us to write this kind of file. Strange. This ■■■■■ my pitch ! :frowning: