changing name of executable causes crash

In a very simple app with a listbox to display data and a few buttons to add rows and a text area to edit text, I’m getting a strange effect.
If i change the name of the compiled app, it won’t launch. I get:

[quote]Runtime Error
Press OK to continue
Press Cancel to Quit.

Please report what caused this error
along with me information below.

Common/plugin.cpp: 957
Failure Condition:pluginEntryTable.GetEntry
( entrypointName, out )

can’t ?nd plugin method Shell._init.[/quote]
I am using no plugins. There is no code that refers to the app name.
In a simple “hello World” this does not happen. I can change the name of the executable to anything I want.
Not super serious, bit I’d like to understand what’s happening.
Thank you for your time,
Don Jungk
Xojo 2016r4.1, Linux Mint 18, compiled for 32 bit systems

You need to change it in the proper place, not after it’s built.
Select your platform target under Build Settings, and change the “{Platform} App Name” property in the inspector.

Hi Tim,
Yes I understand that. This came up because I wanted to make a small change, and drop it into a folder without overwriting the previous app.
I’ve done this for twenty years with a lot of programs without problems. This time it didn’t work. Certainly there are other ways to work, but I’m curious why changing the name of the app caused this problem and why it doesn’t in a simple “Hello World”. And why it doesn’t in any of my older ones.
Thank you for responding,

because this one evidently uses the Shell plugin and by renaming the app, it can no longer find the Libs directory with the same name, and therefore the Shell.dll plugin file.

Now it makes sense. Yes, the program does use a shell command to save backup copies of the info.
Thank you Greg

Don J