Changing Libs Folder Name to just plain Libs

I was searching the docs looking for changing the default “My Application Libs” directory to just plain “Libs”

I see in the release notes for RS 2010 R2:

[quote]10697 [Windows] Built apps that use plugins (compiled out as DLLs to your “My Application Libs” folder) can now find the DLLs in one of 3 locations:

  1. By default we build a “My Application Libs” folder and the built app can find the DLLs in there 2. You can also move the DLLs into a “Libs” folder 3. Or you can move the DLLs next to the built app[/quote]

is this still applicable to Xojo? If so, do I just manually rename the folder once I compile or is there a setting in Xojo to make this change?

thank you in advance.

Yes to both

Thank you Norm :slight_smile: