Changing DragItem ''on the fly''

Hello everyone, I stuck with one little feature which I would like to finish. What I want to do is: Drag Row in Listbox and add dragPicture to the dragItem. That’s simple, but next step in this is to change dragPicture ‘‘on the fly’’ when I drag over specified row and over and over again, until dropObject. Using dragItem produced in Listbox.DragRow doesn’t help, because changing dragPicture in dragOver does nothing. There is no any Refresh, so I guess its not possible like that.

Next, I tried to define Global dragItem and use it, but only way to change picture was to call Constructor inside DragOver if its time to change picture. With that and adding new d.Drag , after second time, shows Windows message: ‘’ -App- stopped working ‘’. I assume it is StackOverflowException.

  • Creating new dragItem in dragOver:
d = Nil
d = new DragItem (Self, MouseX, MouseY, 200, 75)
d.dragPicture = newDragPicture

I couldn’t find way to ‘‘kill’’ dragItem before dropObject.

Then, I tried using containerControl with Canvases to visually create same feature, using dragObject behind, but even when Listbox is Parent of ContainerControl, moving it around flickers too much.

Can anyone help me with this? Is it possible to change dragPicture in the DragItem before Drop or has someone before needed something like this and had solution?

Thank you.