Changing component names in Inspector

I recently purchased Xojo after having used RealBasic. I’m running OSx 10.7.
The IDE has me stumped.
I add a component to a window. Say a radio button. The new radio button is given a name “Radiobutton1”.
I change that name in the inspector to “rb1”.
I click on another component and when I return to the radio button, the name has changed back to “Radiobutton1”
I have to load the project into Real Studio to change the name??

How can I change the name permanently using Xojo?

Press enter or tab to make the name change stick. Lost focus doesn’t work, so clicking on another field in the inspector won’t keep the new data.

Thanks. So simple when you know how.

Also, there is or was a bug with the Enter key not saving data. The “Return” key works more reliably.