Changing colors code editor

In the desktop: Edit - Options - Coding, it is possible to set font, size syntax colors etc, but in which file is this stored?

I’m a bit OCD about the colors scheme in my coding editor, I would like to see the option to import/export and therefor even share color/font/size settings.

depending on platform you’re using

Thanks but only works on Mac

thats why I said “depending on platform”

On Windows these setting are stored in the registry

This will set a dark theme in the Windows version:

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“Code Editor Keywords Color”="&h00E06010"
“Code Editor Strings Color”="&h006A8759"
“Code Editor Numbers Color”="&h00FFC558"
“Code Editor Floating Point Numbers Color”="&h004DC7F0"
“Code Editor Source Code Color”="&h00A9B7C6"
“Code Editor Comments Color”="&h00808080"
“Code Editor Autocomplete Color”="&h00FFC558"
“Code Editor Background”="&h002B2B2B"
“Code Editor Cursor Color”="&h00BBBBBB"
“Matched Indent Brace Color”="&h00787878"
“Unmatched Indent Brace Color”="&h00FFFF00"
“Debugger Highlight Color”="&h00214283"
“Code Editor URL Color”="&h000000FF"[/code]

And this will set your colors back to the default.

[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“Code Editor Keywords Color”="&h000000FF"
“Code Editor Strings Color”="&h006500FE"
“Code Editor Numbers Color”="&h00326598"
“Code Editor Floating Point Numbers Color”="&h00006532"
“Code Editor Source Code Color”="&h00000000"
“Code Editor Comments Color”="&h007F0000"
“Code Editor Autocomplete Color”="&h007F7F7F"
“Code Editor Background”="&h00FFFFFF"
“Code Editor Cursor Color”="&h00000000"
“Matched Indent Brace Color”="&h00C0C0C0"
“Unmatched Indent Brace Color”="&h00FF0000"
“Debugger Highlight Color”="&h00DFDFDF"
“Code Editor URL Color”="&h000000FF"[/code]

Hi Vince, in case you missed it, XojoThemes now supports Windows too.