Changes on Website driving crazy

When searching on Website for Stuffs from Web 1.0 there is nothing anymore. Onlinehelp is not working correctly under Linux. Changing the Names of stuffs is really nice but why erazing the old ones?

Style is redirected to the new webstyle. No Informations about Web 1.0 there anymore. Really? Really not a good Idea at all cause: PROFESSIONAL USERS ARE NOT REWRITING WITH 2020Rx NOW BECAUSE IT IS NOT PRODUCTION READY NOW.

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you can use Dash (on mac) or the integrated language reference in xojo app you’re using : the documentation there is in sync with the web version.

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The integrated language reference on linux is opening the Website… But thank you for Answering at a sunday.

in the general pane of the preferences :

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results in


As I said: there is an error in Linux IDE what makes it impossible to see the build-in it opens only external Website.

But thank you for answering even if it was not working under Linux only on MAC. As you see here, it is a known error, described in different Mails to

You don’t speak for everybody. I (along with a team of 3 others) have just started rewriting a very large Web 1.0 in Web 2.0 and have a new app being built in Web 2.0 too.


If you would be under control of authorities like FDA you would not try with xojo 2020R1 what is known not ready now and can get changes. It destroys all ways for Software lifecycla Management following 62304 and after changing the IDE you have to do a complete new documentation of the development process. No, thank you in this case. When changing from Web 1 to Web 1 it is not affordable. That makes it more complex cause you have to rewrite it.

Eh? FDA? What are you talking about?

You made a blanket statement in all capitals shouting that professional users are not rewriting with 2020Rx. You’re wrong. You also said it’s not production ready. That was wrong too.

Just because something isn’t how you want it don’t include other users that you know nothing about in your statements.


It is not something what I don’t want to it is connected to the state of the Software byself: it is, like Geoff said, in Work and we shall wait until it will be ready. So Status is officialy not for production purposes.

Every Developer developing for medical Devices has to follow IEC 62304 cause there is no chance to work around. If you are not fullfilling what the athorities want, your product can not get on market. That’s the point on it.

So I have to go to another Statement, you are fully right:
Professional developers which are following with normal Software the IEC 12207 or with medical medical devices IEC 62304 may have a problem with this. Thanks for your advice, learning is never ending. So: If you are developing Software in a small environment without industrial structure and without controls through notified body or government authorities will you may be able to write Software outsiude of the industrial standards and get it on market. If you are writing Software in industrial environment and have to fullfill the given standards you have the problem I described, cause the software lifecycle process has to be fullfilled. It is not a want to it is a have to.

That means not that outside of the industrial development environments are no professional programmers but they do not have to fullfill this standards.

Have you checked in Xojo’s installation folder if the help files are there?
I don’t use Linux that much, so I can’t check; but it’s the next step I’d try.

I did try in a virtual linux mint, and it seems that no matter the option you choose in the prefs you always open the last doc direct on internet, never the local one.


This (using the local Language Reference) works too on Windows 10.

But not on LINUX

it’s an old feedback, but “closed because it’s not a bug” …

so I just made a new feedback…

The offline documentation is supported on Linux. If it’s not working for you then you either are using an unsupported Linux distro or there’s a permissions issue. Please contact tech support for help on this.

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Because of the libwebkit error there is no offline help on mint and Ubuntu therefore it is not true that there is a help system. I had to write my own help browser for Ubuntu cause they where not able to help quickly. When I was asking for a pdf I had to Diskussion about . Could be so easy. Don’t change , renew. It is like the rest at the moment. Half baken.