Changed name and can't build

I changed the name of my app, and now when I go to build I get the (long) error ending with: requires a provisioning profile.
I’ve googled it and I can’t figure this out.

Any tips?

Did you just change the name or also the Bundle Identifier ?

Changing the name should be ok, changing the identifier requires generating a new provisioning profile.

I just changed the name. I kept the bundle identifier the same.
To verify, I switched the name back and it compiled just fine.

Bad timing… This is my release candidate :frowning:

Sorry can’t help.
Just changed my app name from “Packr” to “Packr Test” and compilation went through.
Maybe your new name is too long ?

Make sure as Jeremie said that on your apple developer account that you have a matching App Id setup to the bundle-identifier setup for the app. If somehow the bundle-identifier got changed and there is no matching one on your account you will experience what you are.


I need to revisit all of this. Jason from Xojo sent me the Url to the instructions.
What I remember is setting up a wildcard, so I don’t know why it isn’t working. That said I’ve done this once before and who knows what stupid mistakes I’ve made.

I’ve had limited success with wildcards. If your app has in-app purchases, wildcards won’t work.

I tend to create a unique profile for each of my apps, it works much better.

I agree with Jeremie. The wildcarding eventually failed so I moved to having a specific bundle identifier for each app I was deploying.

so… I shut down my computer, drove to Canada, rebooted Xojo and it all works again.
I don’t know if I can repeat this procedure or not, but I welcome you all to try… Enjoy the Great White North eh.