Change window colors

Is it possible to change the colors of a window?

Sure. In the Inspector, Turn Custom Color ON and the select the Background Color.

How can I change to border and title bar colors?

The border and title bar are controlled by the operating system. Xojo does not have a direct way to change them. It may be possible using Declares, if the OS supports it and you know the appropriate API calls to use.

Thank you Paul.

Is there anyone who knows how to do this?

What OS are you developing for?

I’m trying to develop for more than one OS. I’m changing my thinking on this, and I believe I just came up with an alternative to changing the border colors.

thank you,
bob k.

What is it you’re trying to do?

I’ve used plain boxes in the past to make a “borderless” application before, add a few buttons and mouse events to provide window closing, moving etc and you have a customized window allowing you to create your own title bar etc.

Not sure how it’s rendered on all OS, I think plainbox + resize turned off made it so there were no borders at all but I think in windows 8 you sadly get a 1pixel border now (as I was sure I didn’t have that before)