Change WebListBox Row Dynamically with working Display of Selected Row

In a WebListBox, I would like show different row colors dynamically. Below is my sample coding and it works as expected…

// show different background color If ListBox1.Cell(ListBox1.LastIndex, 5) = "Male" Then For i As Integer = 0 to ListBox1.ColumnCount - 1 ListBox1.CellStyle(ListBox1.LastIndex, i) = StyleBackgroundRed Next End

My issue is, when the background color changed row is highlighted, it does not display the default selected ‘blue’ color row anymore. The default highlighted blue row only works on the “Female” row but not the “Male” row. Is there any ways which I could fix it?

Thank you.

What properties have you added on the StyleBackgroundRed?

I kind of want to make the ugly blue selection disappear but the " Listbox1.CellStyle(Row,Column) = WhiteRowStyle " doesnt seem to work.