Change WebListBox cellStyle for selected row(s)

In the WebListBox SelectionChanged event I try to set the cellStyle to my own style but nothing happens…

Sub SelectionChanged() dim i as integer if me.ListIndex = -1 then return for i=0 to me.ColumnCount-1 me.CellStyle(me.ListIndex, i) = myStyle next // Nothing, nada, zip happened. End Sub


If you deselect the row, is it styled correctly?

it would be styled as my deselected style.

Maybe I’m not getting this. What it it that you’re trying to do?

There are two styles defined for even and odd rows.
but there is no property to set the style of the selected rows.

This seems to work for me in RS2012 and Xojo 2013r2. I was going to use this as a chance to pitch Web Custom Controls which adds new style methods and options, but I tested code similar to what you posted and it’s working fine.

What IDE version are you using? Which web browser(s)?