Change to iOSTableCellData constructor

With 2016r2 we’re no longer supposed to use new iOSTableCellData and instead we use iOSTable.createCell. That’s fine going forward, but just wondering… how important is it that the actual table that will use the cell is the one that creates it?

I’ve got a good amount of code that produces cells for classes that can be easily added to any table, and this code never before required the iOSTable to be passed as a parameter.

I know it’s probably a terrible hack, but what would happen if I used table1.createCell but added it to another table? I’m guessing this is at least an issue related to caching the total height of all cells for the table.

Why not pass parameter for table to the method in your class to create cell on demand in right table?

Yes I already went through and did that. Took about 3 hours to update all of the code, which was unenjoyable.

Was more wondering in terms of how it works and why the change happened.